This book maps Sino-European realtions at the regional level and presents a detailed analysis of subnational contacs in the six EU member states, illustrated by case studies of interesting regions from each country.
A report presenting relations between European and Chinese regions. Seminal work explaining fast growing phenomenon of paradiplomacy.
One of the first book exploring the phenomenon of subnational relations in Asia. I co-authored it with my colleagues from University of Łódź. Downoload.
Book presents Sovereign Wealth Funds as instruments of foreign policy. Download.
Book written mainly by my students. It is aiming to explain the EU for secondary schools’ pupils. Colorful and easy to read.
Book on the EU relations with Asia. Written together with my students!
Book written together with my project team. It is pioneering analyses of SWFs behaviour in the CEE region, based on empirical data.
Edited volume presenting case studies in which authors analyse disagreements as well as collaborations between different actors in Asia.
Book on the EU relations with China. Written on the basis of my Phd.